Day 30 | The Covid Chronicles

Today makes 30 days since I was laid off from my job. Happy month-aversary to all my colleagues who were in the same boat during the days leading up to my ‘see you later’ date. I will never forget the look on my boss’s face. I had seen it coming for at least a week – so thankfully it really wasn’t a surprise. Let’s face it, with a closed hotel, training is seldom at the top of the list – unless it is a pre-opening push in preparation for guests. Needless to say it was handled with as much empathy as possible by all involved.

Looking back I think it has been a productive month, which has felt like at least three. Thank goodness we have plenty of house work, projects, and other adventures to keep us close to home and entertained. Oh! and my sidekicks don’t hurt either.

#stayinghome #besafe #itsbeenamonth #covidsucks #covid19 #blessingscomeinallshapesandsizes

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