Week 4 | The Covid Chronicles

How crazy is this world we are living in today? I’ve been news detoxing for a while… limiting myself to a couple of written pieces in the mornings, and not paying attention to much more than the weather. After three weeks of being glued to tickers and updates, it was time to cut it off. Finally decided to catch up a bit last night and was in awe at the fact that there have been countless demonstrations around the country. HELLO FELLOW HUMANS!!!! What are you thinking? Crowds of people, together, potentially creating new hotspots for this crazy bug. What are people thinking?!? Ok, I hear you. They ARE NOT.

Aside from that, last week has been more like the last few. Wake up, stay busy, clean, cook, bake, eat, go on bike rides and connect with friends online. Thank goodness for my yard and my kid who have ultimately kept me as close to sane as possible. Oh, and let’s not forget my favorite thing to do: spend countless hours stuck in the unemployment website black hole. It’s this crazy loop that can’t even give you a proper error message when it times out. Our leaders should be embarrassed. People are struggling out there, some even to feed their families, and they [politicians] are on TV talking about the amazing job we are doing… it’s a joke! Thankfully our Miami leaders have been a bit ahead of common sense steps as compared to our state. I really hope that somehow, if nothing else, people step up to the polls when given the opportunity in the near future.

What’s next? Who knows. My son finishes his year of schooling online. I tackle the next project. Clean some more. Bake. Eat. Repeat.

#blessedtobehome #bewell #staysafe

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