Day 21 | The Covid Chronicles

Every Tuesday is my early day. Or at least it has been for three weeks now. Five AM was about the only time to get through the blundering mess that is our reemployment assistance website with multiple crashes before successfully submitting a claim. I learned that little trick the hard way, after spending almost five hours fighting with that site the first day I tried to apply. Today, I wake up at about four AM to read some news about how our sleep patterns are being affected by the stress of this mess – duh – and how ridiculously poor our systems are for getting the help that supposedly is floating around out there somewhere…

Every day on the news you hear about more illness and death. You watch our moron of a president (apologies to my republican friends) make a fool of himself in his briefings while he gushes about the trillions of dollars in aid – that no one seems to be able to get their hands on – due to broken processes and systems, and you continue to live through your very own groundhogs day movie… all while being thankful that you and your loved ones are well and home and safe. You say a prayer for those who are not, and for your friends and #healthcareheroes out there who are saving lives. You ask the universe to keep our grocery store staff and delivery folks safe. You do what you can to stay busy and productive during this mess.

So this morning, as I grab my notes on the required applications for the week, and as I get ready to log in I find myself with a new surprise. The lovely website is now CLOSED until seven AM each day – for maintenance they say. There seems to be a new site option, however only for new claimants. The contact center continues to abandon calls (only after you have been on hold for what seems like forever). And we continue on this new adventure in adulting. #newnormalsucksat4am #blessedtobewell #annoyedashellrightnow #happytuesday

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