Day 15 | The Covid Chronicles

It has been a stand-off kind of day. Ding-dong lost his Xbox yesterday [for all of today] and when he realized I was sticking to my guns had a meltdown. A full blown, “go get a job, you suck, you can’t even work at [insert anything here],” all because I told him we had a lot to do before we even discussed earning it back.

I’m realizing the day prior was such an easy day because he was glued to the matrix for most of it – which we really had no issue with considering he was such a trooper the week prior. But when asked to join us for a bit of family time he chose to mouth off instead, losing privileges for today along the way. So now, in his best #highdrama, #twelveiscrazy, #suchagemini way, he is holed up in his room waiting for me to give in.

I hope my Tuesday brings a better temperament along with it…

#hanginginthere #twelveiscrazy #itsucksthatmomishome #bringontuesday #stayhome #grumpykiddo #mustbethemoon

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