Day 17 | The Covid Chronicles

Barely ten AM and I’ve gotten everything on my list done. I guess it’s time to update the list. I appreciate the slower pace of life, my often annoying twelve year old, the morning orders [requests] send without a good morning via text – you know who you are, and the ability to do something for our communal space|home|headquarters every day.

I am grateful for the zoom and FaceTime calls and the endless opportunities to cook and bake, and the mountain of laundry that never ends. I am thankful that my family continues to be well, and that I can social distance on my oldest friend’s porch and enjoy her company.

I can’t say I miss the routine [re: hamster wheel of life] where I would try to squeeze in a week’s worth of life into a weekend, but miss the opportunities that the steady work afforded us. This #newnormal is weird, but as we all get our bearings I figure I’ll enjoy the quiet moments while the creature is at virtual school and the world around me is peaceful; even if it’s just my little quarantine microcosm. Oh! And I’ll dream of ocean breezes and palm trees while I’m at it.

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