Day 13 | The Covid Chronicles

Today I am in need of my favorite place, which just so happens to be closed across the state (mostly, last I checked). This is around the time of year that any decent south Floridian is waiting for anything over 70 degree weather to head east and enjoy our amazing beaches. Yes #snowbirds, I know, we’re wimps. What can I say?

This year the desire is there, but we are all mostly sitting and waiting for this awful curve to finish peaking so that we can hit the down slope and see what our #newnormal will be. Next best thing, take a drive to the #floridakeys, find some great little shack by the water, and enjoy a frosty beverage and some of the best seafood anywhere. Not this time. The #FloridaKeys is closed to visitors, and without a proper residence you can’t even enjoy the views off the main road. Again, some of the best in the world.

So we sit. And we wait. We continue to be grateful and #countourblessings. We remind our loved ones to #stayhome and #staysafe. We #pray for those we know are sick, and for those #healthcareheroes who are going way above and beyond the call of duty. We look out for our neighbors and family members from a distance. We enjoy our dog walks and bike rides and try not to go crazy with our kids and their relentless pursuit of the impossible in the latest xbox game. We enjoy the quiet, have living-room-dance-parties, and zoom like masters.

#nobeachtoday #stayhome #staysafe #thankyouhealthcareheroes #COVID19sucks

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