Day 12 | The Covid Chronicles

Very productive day so far. Started the day in the garden, taking care of my other babies. Made breakfast. Played a round of Donkey Kong Country Freeze with Luca and went for a lovely bike ride with my boys.

My friend Sylvia is a trip. Her field trip to the Gables landed us some incredible pastries and it was amazing to see her, even if from a distance on my lawn. The creature [human] is once again connected to the matrix which is driving me nuts. It’s incredible how the screen time affects their demeanor. He is a nasty little turd when he spends too much time on that thing – but with everything going on… what am I gonna do? He is already doing chores and other things like baking with mom, etc. every day, so I budge and let him connect despite my disdain for it.

#onedayatatime #fthexbox #stayhome #staysafe

One thought on “Day 12 | The Covid Chronicles

  1. Oh Anita the stress of them on the electronics all day. Fighting it as well Nini is on with school for a long time and then she wants to play games. I fight it but sometimes I think what else can we do. Love you lots and cant wait to see you.


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