Day 11 | The Covid Chronicles

“In this house we believe in magic…”

I got a text from the lovely lady who gave me the card in the image this week, not two days after placing said card very visibly in my son’s new makeshift ‘classroom’. Leave it to the only child to talk mom out of the office… her text made my day, as did the note inside card.

Today was more cleaning and our kitchen experiment came in the form of a chocolate Bundt cake – from scratch. Despite the fact that I am moving so much more than before, I worry that when all of this is said and done I will be at least two clothing sizes larger than when it started. My adventures in the kitchen, while educational for both Luca and I, are blown to be dangerous in the long run.

#stayhome #besafe #bewareofthebakingmuse #kitchenadventures

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