Day 9 | The Covid Chronicles

If I were one of these alcohol or wine sellers, I would be printing coupons for everyone within a forty mile radius and hiring all the displaced bartenders and other restaurant staff to help with deliveries. Being cooped up is a blessing when you’re home and safe, but I can only imagine that happy hours are starting earlier and earlier each day. Those who aren’t working are likely quick to drown their sorrows, and those who are working are likely to quell their fears of going out there every day with this invisible killer around every corner.

Kudos to the employers that found a way to make it work… Who either kept their staff or at least placed them on leave so they could keep their health insurance. Tons of love to our healthcare workers who are suddenly in the front lines with limited resources and safety equipment. Cheers to the others who are considered essential businesses, whose employees are going out every day and exposing themselves to others… and let’s not forget the unsung heroes – the ladies and gentlemen who are still manning the grocery stores and take-out dining establishments, and the countless individuals on the road every day delivering goods or food or groceries to our doorsteps so we can make this as bearable as possible as we #shelterinplace.

A huge thank you to our educators, who are making the best of a crappy situation and our kiddos who are doing an amazing job of adapting to this #newnormal. Interested to see how it all pans out. This will certainly disrupt business beyond our ‘stay home’ orders – forcing leaders to get out of their comfort zones and embrace many of the technologies that they have shunned thus far because of a perception of the inability to control or a simple fear of the unknown. I hope it has a positive impact on families who are finding new and creative ways to engage with each other, and in communities around the world as it seems that we are all looking out for our neighbors and extended families a bit more, even though we are more physically apart.

#stayhome #staysafe #thankyouteachers #thankyouhealthcarewarriors #kidsrock

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