Days 3 and 4 | The Covid Chronicles

Days three and four were an absolute blur. Setting up this site kept me busy, the kitchen and my creature [aka Luca] kept me entertained, and the news on TV did nothing more than annoy me. Day two of the Covid Chronicles was somehow lost in the shuffle. I’m getting used to this slower pace and very much appreciating the flexibility but worried for my fellow humans.

Let’s start with my dad. He is one of the humans that worries me quite a bit. He is a stubborn old cuban man that refuses to stay home despite the fact that if anyone should be #socialdistancing – he is the prime candidate. However, in his world, fresh cuban bread is an essential component of everyday life. He is a resident of the infamous #Hialeah where the bakeries are very much essential businesses; among many others that creatively sit in a self-professed gray area. While I am happy they remain open for the sake of the families who count on them to live, it drives me nuts that he is not taking as much care of himself as he should.

On the flip side, I am grateful. I give thanks every day that my family, the fur balls, and my bonus family is safe and taking care of themselves… for the most part. Blessed and thankful to be home with the creature, even if it’s listening to his battles online most of the time. This week is #springbreak so he has a free pass. I get one too, mostly. As a self-aware workaholic I have to figure out how to stay productive in some way for the coming weeks. For this week, may the universe and a few cheesy books keep me sane.

#305 [and #954, and #213, and #814, #206, and all the others] please #stayhome and #bewell.

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