Hola from the 305

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I am a working soccer mom, living my best life in Miami. This year has been a bit of a bear, but we are getting through it as best we can. We have had all sorts of misadventures mixed with blessings and memorable moments.

On Monday, I found myself at the wrong end of the Human Resources table thanks to #COVID19. I am an HR professional of over twenty years and have seen all sorts of great people practices, and all sorts of mishaps. My latest adventure in HR is on temporary hiatus after having fallen to #layoffs in the #hospitality industry.

Despite dealing with the very difficult task of helping let go of a great many of my colleagues it was my turn. Honestly, I think I saw it coming considering the state of affairs and welcomed it as a blessing in disguise. My exposure to this crazy virus is now limited. I am home enjoying some time with my son Lu, my cat Lola, my dogs Bubba [the old man] and Poseidon [the 130 pound puppy], and my beautiful plants. My husband is going into his office each day. Although it is closed to the public, I worry. I am blessed by my bonus families – from our son’s sports teams, to our neighborhood, to my amazing friends and sisters from other misters.

Along with that, I am taking the time to start my new adventure. Adulting is hard, life is crazy, and we are in this merry mess together.

  • Join me
  • Send me your adulting questions, tips, or tricks
  • Tell me about your adventures on the sidelines
  • Ask me your HR questions
  • Share your leadership mishaps
  • Be patient with yourself and loved ones
  • Stay safe

2 thoughts on “Hola from the 305

  1. Love this my dear sister in law…keep on writing, i enjoy your thoughts. What helps me stay sane (and we both know i need a lot of work in that department) is making sure i get outside at least once a day!!!!
    Love you to the moon and back sis…can’t wait until this virus quarantine is over so we can share another evening potting, painting, eating and having some fine wine xoxoxo

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