Day 1 | The Covid Chronicles

Lu and I were supposed to have our annual “fuzzy socks day” but he slept half the day away as a good tween would. We enjoyed a walk, did some work around the house, played Donkey Kong Country Freeze on the Switch, and played UNO Attack for a while.

I caught up with friends. Checked in on coworkers, gave myself a break. Called the bank and checked on my student loans. Delivered lunch to my godson. Made dinner. Went for a walk with Luca. It was a strange day. I’m used to being at work all day, coming home #brainfried, and barely staying up till 10PM.

I quickly realized that #stayinghomeishard while appreciating the fact that I have a lovely home and garden to keep me secure and entertained for days. My fridge is full, my AC is working, and my dogs are the best guard dogs a girl can ask for. My poor husband is #stressedout which is normal, and to be honest I am too; but somehow I know that we are blessed, we will be fine, and we always land on our feet.

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